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Sochi Thoughts and Bob Costas

Sochi Reflections

The last few weeks have received the riveted attention of this household on the Winter Games in Russia. Winter sports have always been part of our activity during those months when many people feel that time should be spent in close proximity to a heat source.

We have Colorado experience and a wing of the family lives and plays in the Colorado snow. There is a rooting connection to our winter Olympians since many of them live and train in that State where we lived until last year.

The skill and dedication of the young athletes participating in skiing, snow boarding, luge, skeleton and the other events is simply thrilling. Their commitment to excellence is an example that each of us can use as a life lesson.

It is sad but not surprising that the media coverage deftly wove a thread of political agenda into their coverage of this Russian based competition

The Russians did a magnificent job of preparation in Soshi to welcome the world to their hosting of the Olympic Games, I was amazed at the scope of the construction and the quality of the venue. The details of their accomplishment in completing such an ambitious program of facilities construction in such a short time was a stunning revelation of Russia’s determination to win respect from the rest of the world.

Some members of the TV coverage team seemed to be the designated Russian detractors. In the lead in coverage more time was spent describing partially complete hotels rather than the spectacular event venues that had been built for the Games. Supposed sports announcers became reviewers of related corruption in the construction process. The commentary often seemed to be politically structured to picture Russia as little changed from our cold war adversary with the USA remaining as the bright light of national purity in the current event.

The noted sport commentator Bob Costas gave a closing commentary that could have been written by a department of the CIA or NSA whose job is to ferment continued dislike of Russia for whatever obscure benefit that might create.

It seemed bizarre to have Bob Costas speaking as a Geo–Political expert recounting all the human rights faults of Russian government stretching back to Lenin.

While enjoying the sporting events I had some chilling thoughts of National comparisons. I thought of the decade of political chicanery that caused the replacement of the Twin Towers in New York to take a decade and not yet complete. We at one time were a nation that took less time to put together a program that placed an American on the moon.

We are now a nation that has as primary goals, resolving issues of gay marriage and how to create a road to citizenship for 15 million illegal aliens living here. These issues are important to the people involved but they are not dealing with forward directed thoughts designed for a great nation. Where are our man on the moon goals? Where is the program to match the vision of a nationwide Interstate highway system to join all American? Where is the vision that sent Lewis and Clark into the wildrness as a first step in stretching America across the continent from coast to coast?

Are we facing a future with Russia and China as the “Can Do” nations?

Whomever in the government wrote and directed the Costas speech should spend time on figuring a way to motivate America to regain some of the world acclaim that our accomplishments once received.

Where has all the vision gone?


  1. frank gothie says:

    The Olympics should re-focus on the spirited competition of international athletes.A venue to bring together the nations of the world in the wholesomeness
    of sport. Instead, it has gravitated to crass commercialism with TV networks injecting unrelated sidebars seeking to sensationalize for the sake of ratings .

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