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Ryan’s Learning Disability

Paul Ryan—Learning Disabled

Parents with a child having a learning disability often do not recognize the problem and spend futile efforts until the problem is professionally identified.

Paul Ryan made statements about Trump and the Republican Party that clearly indicate that he suffers from a severe form of learning disability. Ryan refuses to endorse Trump until he is convinced that Trump is prepared to unify the Party in a fashion that he has approved.

Ryan seems not to have noticed that Trump has unified the Party around a set of issues with his primary victories across the nation. The issues are the ones that the people are interested in being addressed not those that Ryan thinks are needed.

Ryan wants a party that reflects the “heritage of Lincoln, Reagan and Kemp.” Kemp was a good football player and later a useful member of Congress. He was a thoughtful conservative thinker but certainly not Reagan or Lincoln.

There is little doubt that Ryan has not learned anything from Trump about the public disgust with the actions of the elected Republicans in the House and Senate and specifically Ryan’s lack of effective leadership.

Tremendous progress has been made in recent years developing helpful techniques for those with learning disabilities. Ryan could use some help before he succeeds in getting Hillary elected


  1. frank gothie says:

    Another good insightful blog Buck.
    Unfortunately, Paul Ryan, like the rest of Congress is completely out of touch because he’s inside the beltway where reality doesn’t exist. The establishment party bosses just had their rumps kicked by Donald Trump now they are telling him what to do?
    Ryan et al just don’t get it!

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