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Queen Elizabeth’s Hat Trick

Queen Elizabeth’s Hat Trick

In hockey 3 goals scored by a single player is called a “ Hat Trick”.. Her Majesty, Elizabeth, Queen of Great Britain frequently performs her version of a hat trick as a regular part of her daily routine .

Back in the days when I was still a real person I was building a project in England that was receiving notice. I had bought land that William of Orange landed on when he came(with Mary) from Holland to take over the throne of England. To commemorate the 300 anniversary of that landing a huge event was planned which included the Queen coming to town and doing her Queeny thing and unveiling a plaque, In addition she was to attend a reception where a number of locals would be presented and have a chat.

By some quirk of fate my wife and I were invited to join 4 other couples to be introduced. There were a number of preliminary discussions with representatives of the Queen as to required protocol in meeting the Queen

Her people were good and had an excellent sense of humor. They wanted to make sure we didn’t show up in jeans spouting some IRA slogan. We quickly got down to the critical discussion which involved the bow and curtsey. I wasn’t interested in bowing but Dorothy said she wasn’t adverse to a slight curtsey. I compromised by agreeing to a visible nod since several hundred English men and women would be in the balcony watching the event. It was carefully explained to Dorothy that she should bring a hat. If the Queen decided to wear a hat she should put on her hat. If the Queen skipped the hat the women being presented should stow their hats somewhere.

We showed up on time and were escorted to a ballroom and placed in position with the other couples and given a small glass of wine to hold and give a casual appearance. Queen would be having a drink and apparently didn’t like to drink alone.

The helpers told the ladies that the Queen would be wearing a hat so the ladies should put on their hats. There was a lot of commotion over the hats messing up $100 hairdos but the ladies made friends in a flash and were checking each others now be-hatted hair..

A helper once again appeared with news that her majesty had changed her mind and would be hat less. The hats came off and the ladies gathered again to help each other to restore hair order. The balcony onlookers were getting into the act with guffaws from the men and moans of sympathy from the women

Once again a helper appeared with assurance that his news was the final change and the hats should be reset. Dorothy announced in more than a stage whisper that with next change she was out of here.

I don’t know if Dorothy’s comment had an effect or if the Queen was finished with her mischief and was satisfied with her hat trick. She appeared and was gracious and even commented to several ladies that their hats were very attractive.

She also noted with approval, my nod.

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