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Our World On Fire

World on Fire

The world is in the process of disintegrating . Any semblance of peace and order as an expected average day is not happening on any day of the week. The United States has crumbled as a force for order with Obama leading us on a path to permanent mediocrity.

Iraq is the latest example of our impotent status in the world. Our military has been stripped to a weakened condition that has left us with few alternatives to provide military assistance to help repel the militant takeover of that country that is happening while Obama is golfing in California

Today he ordered 500 Marines with support Osprey tilt rotor aircraft into the area. It is not clear what their mission is going to be, I suspect that Obama will send them in with orders to wave a white flag and evacuate Americans in a repeat of the Viet Nam final days.

I am sure that the 500 Marines are the best 500 man fighting force in Iraq but 500 even though they are Marines is not going to stop the Islamic surge which is sweeping over the country, Didn’t Obama’s people note that this militant Islamic force was being assembled and preparing for an assault?

The turmoil engulfing the world is in large part due to Obama’s disassembling our country as a great power. Russia, China. Iran. North Korea and Islamic terrorists at one time would wonder and worry about the United States reaction to their aggressions. This is no longer the case. They know that we are now governed by a group of weak willed no- nothings

The USA as an alpha dog nation demanding order is dead and the new powers in the world have no fear of us enforcing a line of civility to counter their hateful behavior.

While Iraq was crumbling Obama was speaking to the graduating class at West Point about global warming.
These cadets now prepared and ready to lead troops in defense of freedom were encouraged by their Commander in Chief to lead the fight against carbon emissions.

I doubt we can survive 2 more years of this administration.


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