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Obama Punts To Putin

In football when you are pushed back with every play and nothing is working it is time to punt. President Obama faced a 4th and long with his Syrian bombing strategy and his feckless behavior in trying to convince someone that he knew what he was doing.

Obama has in essence punted to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who has taken over the game plan concerning what to do about the chemical weapons in Syria. Putin is now leading the way and has taken charge. We can argue over the strategy and goals sought by Putin but there is no question that he is now the leading force in the debate as to actions that are needed to take control of the chemical weapons.

Elements in the major media are working to picture Obama as a thoughtful leader open to alternate plans to his punishment by bombing strategy. The American population rejected his plan to get deeply involved in Syria. Anyone with half of a working brain recognized that the Obama bombing strategy had little chance of eliminating chemical weapon threats. It had a much better chance of spreading terrorism and further destabilizing the most unstable area on the globe.

Our President is in deep water and is treading furiously trying to keep America afloat as a world leader. The media can paint him in a golden glow but a world leader doesn’t send the Secretary of State with his hat in his hand to Switzerland for a meeting with Russian representatives to hear details of their proposal. This meeting is taking place shortly after Putin jumped on a verbal gaffe by Kerry and called him a liar.

The actions of the Obama Administration rivals the old time comic movies of the bumbling Keystone Cops. There is continuous bumbling by Obama and his cohorts, but it is sad for our nation, not comic.


  1. frank gothie says:

    Yes, Putin looks good today. But Who knows how he will look tomorrow.
    What we have at the moment is this.:Assad finally admitting he has chemical weapons,;Assad applying to the UN to join the Chemical weapons ban treaty;Russia saying it will discuss the removal and destruction of these weapons wih the US.Now all of this may crumble and result in nothing concrete because we all know where Putin came from and what type of government he runs , but, at the moment, it looks like we are further along to a solution without US military involvement than we were a week ago.

    Let’s see how this all plays out.

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