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Obama Care-The Best Days

The Best Days of Obama Care

The public and media comments concerning the start up problems with Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act have not correctly focused on the real status of the legislation.

It is clearly evident to me that we are in the Best Days of Obama Care. A year from now this period will be looked upon as the Halcyon Days of Obama Care. This current gang of government no nothings have messed up the easiest part of the process which is creating a web site that works.

I can guarantee that when the first open heart surgery team tries to collect for their efforts that have saved a life, the payment process will be a nightmare. The answer by the Obama team to the billing problem is likely to include a suggestion that open heart surgery be disallowed since it presents difficult billing requirements that exceeds the skill level of the Obama staff hired to handle billing.

Two years from now surgeons will be restructuring practices in some fashion that avoids Obama Care. I don’t know what that will be, but no doubt the result will be that the current millions of uninsured folks will have Obama Care, They however will have great difficulty in finding talented doctors to do complicated operations in a timely manner.

The need to manage the lines of waiting patients will be a critical element in Obama Care Operations. I will not be surprised if the Obama team calls upon Disney World to lend their crowd management skills to find an answer that will calm the angst of patients waiting months for brain surgery to remove a tumor.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy may be featured in hospital waiting room videos in an attempt to calm the anxiety of those with serious illness who have been waiting months for the Obama team to find an operating room with a talented medical team to perform the needed procedure.

I am sure that the web site will eventually work. We later will forget the current Obama Care problems when the financial reality sets in, combined with the diminished quality and availability of quality medical care


  1. After several failed attempts of signing up for Obamacare, I finally got an operator who I could barely understand.
    I explained that I was long term unemployed, and near destitute.
    The operator was sympathetic and suggested that I choose the cheapest plan available, “Bronze”.
    She explained that this “Bronze” plan would only cost me $365.00 a month, based on my current income of $500.00 a month which is from odd jobs and “scrapping metal”.
    With this Bronze plan there is 40% deductible. WTF!!!
    The operator asked me if I would like to sign up now?
    I told her that if I signed up now, I would starve to death before making my second month’s payment, at which time I would not need health insurance.
    So instead of signing up, I hung up.
    I guess will just have to pay the fine of $100.00 a year, eat Ramen soup and hope that I NEVER need medical attention.

  2. frank gothie says:

    great to have you back.
    I think Obamacare, which was to be the jewel of his presidential legacy, will instead be an enormous government bog that will not achieve what it was set out to do.

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