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Obama and Me

Obama and Me

When Obama first appeared as a candidate 7 years ago I looked at his candidacy with an initial, hopeful, positive interest. That feeling was short lived. I quickly realized that his management experience level was not sufficient to qualify him for a management position with my company. He certainly was not prepared to become President of the United States. My initial opposition was strictly on the lack of sufficient experience.

He has, however, proven to be experienced enough to restructure the country into his personal skewed vision of America as a society that will be directed by a Federal government that is closer to a Marx philosophy than that as envisioned in the Federalist Papers

I have struggled to remain positive in the belief that the next election will provide a leadership change that will move us back towards the Founders vision of a Federal Republic. The positive hopes have been dimmed by the absolute failure of Congress to provide opposition to the dramatic, destructive actions of Obama and his Administration.

We have a President that will say anything and promise anything that will support his determination to change our nation into a structure of big government controlling all aspects of our life.

The greatest nation in the history of the world is being coldly and systematically restructured into the vision of a leader who was brought up in a ‘hate America” atmosphere

The latest move under the guise of diminishing the nuclear threat from Iran is the most dangerous boneheaded move by Obama. This treaty was inexpertly negotiated by our representatives and is being promoted with omissions of truthful descriptions concerning critical aspects. (surprise-surprise)

A few instances—–
Suspected Iranian deviations can only be investigated with Iranian approval after a 24 day waiting period.
Inspections cannot be made by US inspectors . They will be made by an international organization.
The treaty does not provide a total prohibition of nuclear activity and related ballistic missile development. At best the treaty only delays development of nuclear weapons.
There was no related assurances that Iran would cease support of terrorist activity
There was no requirement that the Americans held captive on specious charges would be released.
No requirement that death to America and Israel would be removed from the Iranian list of “things we need to do”.

Obama has indicated that he is open and eager for Congressional questions and subsequent conversations. He further indicated that any legislation that deviates from his plan would be vetoed. This seems to be less than an open door for ideas.

Obama is celebrating the Iran deal by releasing prisoners. Couldn’t he simply have popped the cork on a bottle of bubbly and relaxed for a day from his maniacal quest to destroy America.

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