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Lt. Colonel Terry Larkin

Lt. Col. Terry Larkin has refused to deploy to Afghanistan until he is convinced that the President meets the Constitutional requirements to be President. Larkin has created a fire storm of comments on the Internet with all kinds of “know nothings” chipping in as to his manhood, sanity and true motives.

I am only a step or two away from the know nothings but I do know what an O5 with 18 years served, is risking by taking his stance. Loss of significant retirement benefits, dismissal in disgrace and a jail term are possible consequences, among others

Larkin is from Greeley Colorado, so there is great local interest in this whole issue. He is being likened to a player in a high stakes game of Texas Hold’em. He has taken his considerable pile of military career chips, stood up and pushed them to center of the table announcing that he is “all in”.

This is a breath taking act at the poker table, but the chips Larkin is risking are at a table with stakes which is hard for me to envision. The question in the military of not obeying an unlawful order is covered in the UCMJ and is something I thought about for maybe 10 seconds or less when I was in the Marine Corps. It never entered my mind to think that I would get an order that I would openly and publicly fail to obey. I’m shivering a bit now, even after all those years thinking about refusing an order.

Lt. Col. Larkin is on the recommended list to be promoted to Colonel. This is not a capricious move when he challenges Obama’s legitimacy. This is a dead serious commitment by a highly decorated officer who has served in harms way in his career. He currently has high level responsibilities and is a valuable member of our military.

The problem has been created by the secrecy surrounding much of the President’s past. Several million dollars in legal defense has been spent by Obama’s organization to maintain the secrecy surrounding his birth, education and early political writings. There has been a vigorous and costly defense towards every attempt to access Obama’s records of life before the Presidency.

Larkin has gone “All IN”. It is time for Obama to show his cards and credentials.
The President must support this fine officer who has served his nation well, by simply laying the proof of meeting the Constitutional requirements for the Presidency on the table and opening his records for the nation to see.

If Obama does this simple act, this and all related issues of legitimacy disappear.
Why not Mr. President?

PS: I’m sure of one thing-Larkin’s career in the military is over.


  1. marshall mathers says:

    So you’re a birther too, Bud? Obama’s legitimate Hawaii birth certificate has been produced. Just google it.

    This guy is looney tunes and probably getting a big payoff akin to what some of the Swift Boat guys got from the big Texas developer in 2004. Get over it.

  2. Marshall,
    Thanks for reading the Post and commenting, but give the issue some thought. The birth certificate aside, why are all records of the Presidents past hidden?
    Doesn’t that evoke even a bit of curiosity as to what he is hiding?
    BTW The document on line is not the Birth Certificate. It is a Record of Live Birth, a document that does not record critical information(attending doctor with signature, hospital etc) as does my Birth Certificate and also I am sure, as does yours.

    • Every president seals their records-even presidential candidates and VP’s. Bush and Cheney’s military/college/personal records were sealed. Kerry’s high school and military records were sealed (if I’m remembering correctly). The list goes on. That which was presented in 2008 IS acceptible by state departments throughout this country as an official state document.

      • I think you are not correct on this point of sealing records. Bush’s grades and course of study at Yale and Harvard are well known. His military record was publicly discussed by CBS and Dan Rather in an attempt to discredit his service. Rather lost his job because of using false(doctored) records. i don’t believe that Cheney ever served in the military and Kerry’s military record and medals received while serving in Viet Nam were broadly examined and a book was written about it.
        As a history major with an emphasis on American History I spent a lot of time reading about presidents. None that I studied were as guarded in their records and accomplishments as our current president

  3. Why didn’t LTC Larkin make this announcement of not following anymore orders when Obama was elected President? But waited until he was about to be shipped over-seas to Afghanistan to make this announcement.

    Besides, the orders for him to be shipped over-seas most likely didn’t come from Obama, the orders came from his immediate superiors. Its most likely his turn in the rotation of military doctors to be shipped over-seas and he didn’t want to go, so he came up with this excuse. The President doesn’t have to do anything, JAG has taken over and he will most likely be given another chance to change his mind. He will change his mind when his lawyers actually sit him down and tell him ALL the consequences there is for not obeying his orders to be shipped out.

    I’m sure he would not have done this if he was being shipped to Hawaii or Europe. It’s not like he will see any action himself, he will be in the rear with the gear. 2 more years and he would have retired an LTC or a Colonel with all his benefits and pension, start his own private practice and then he can mouth off with no harm done.

  4. Richard, Your points are well stated and have merit. Risking the retirement benefits as an O5 (or possibly an O6) has me bewildered.
    I cannot totally understand his action other than to think that he is convinced that the President is not Constitutionally qualified to be President.
    The President also has me bewildered as to why he doesn’t put the whole secrecy issue behind him so we can concentrate on issues of the economy without Birthers popping up repeatedly.

  5. Michael Ross says:

    Good Day. I have served in the Armed forces for over 20 years. I’m currently deployed in my 3rd tour. For whatever reason’s I never let my public service or my comitment to duty be affected.
    Pvt. Lakin need to research his “Army Values” and grow some balls.

  6. Michael,
    Thanks for your service and stay safe.

  7. How many times does he need to show his birth certificate?

    What if the birth certificate is forged? Does he need to go to Larkin’s house (or confinement facility)? Does the President need to cave in to every request from someone who doesn’t agree with his politics? Is the paper on the certificate real? What about the text on the certificate? Does it need to be carbon dated? How do we know there isn’t a time machine and a government agent planted a birth certificate in the Hawaii state records facility? Is reality real?

  8. Many of the defenders of Larkin fail to mention that he is being charged with 1) missing movement for deployment 2) failing to follow orders to deploy from his immediate supervisor (his Colonel).

    There are politics no there, just two cold hard FT Leavenworthy facts. Mr. Larkin is falling on sword for Sarah Palin…how pathetic.

  9. This guy is a big joke. I think he is scared to serve like a man. I served in the Gulf War, Machine Gunner for 2nd BN 4th Marines. This guys is not worth the digital memory space that is being us to write this or read about it. I shall waste no more.

  10. Semper Fi Black. Thanks for your service and the comment.

  11. Grammy Bear says:

    Now, let’s see our Military cart this illegal out of OUR White House in handcuffs , along with his partners in crime.

    I am old , I KNOW what America should be, the sacrifices made by so many to make Her the Greatest Nation the world has ever known.

    In the last 18 months this Marxist illegal has wrought such damage & divisiveness that I truly fear that my grandchildren and great grands will never know the Freedom, Patriotism, love of God & Country that I have known.

    If you are a drone, a machine, simply to follow orders, even ones you know are wrong, when one has lost the capacity to use common sense and discernment,one is no longer protecting and defending America and her Citizens.

    If you were ordered to turn on American Citizens, would you follow that order?

    I’m curious to know if the Oath you took really means anything, or if you are simply a mindless, spineless robot
    for the powers that be.

    If that be the case, I want you to know this…..
    I was born FREE, and I will leave this earth FREE, even if it is in the defense of that very FREEDOM!

  12. Why do all the Marxist idiots continue to say his birth certificates has been shown. You dumbasses don’t know the difference between a certificate of live birth vs a birth certificate? There is a difference. If you should decide to educate yourself and quite being ignoramuses, you would see the difference also.

  13. Obama has been caught in another lie and this one is a whopper. Either Obama needs to go to jail or the person who forged his selective service record needs to go to jail.

  14. Bob Lamary says:

    I had thought the birthers were all a bit crazy until I heard about Lt. Col. Terry Larkiin’s plan to refuse orders to Afghanistan if Pres. Obama did not produce his actual birth certificate. I was happy to see that he had completed his 6 months at Fort Levenworth and returned home to his family. I tend to agree with those calling for Congress to give him a full pardon, and am even wondering about the online copy of Pres. Obama’s birth certificate; is it really authentic? It is amazing that a significant number of people continue to question the authenticity of the birth certificate produced by the White House.

  15. The whole subject made little sense to me. Why the President brought out the birth certificate when Donald Trump raised the issue is very strange.
    Why wasn’t the certificate shown when Larkin raised the issue. It would have saved Col. Larkin’s career and put the whole issue to rest.
    I rarely write about the political situation anymore because it gives me a headache looking for an honest politician who is in office to serve our country.
    OBL-the birth certificate authenticity and most other presidential activities are designed to take our minds off of his economic failure and the continued high unemployment with record breaking deficits

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