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Khizr Khan and The Evil Eye

Khizr Khan and the Evil Eye

When Khan presented his vicious attack on Trump at the DNC. I couldn’t concentrate on his words. I was thinking that this was a guy who was hired by Hillary to put a curse of the Evil Eye on Trump and anyone who supports him. Look at Khan amd his background carefully and you may understand the low road Hillary is ready to travel for victory.

Khan waved a copy of the Constitution with the challenge to Trump that “he should read it for the first time.” Khan has written much in support of Sharia law. He has strongly said that Sharia law should override the US Constitution. He says that Sharia is the law of Allah and the Constitution is simply the work of men.

The media has made much of Trump’s failure to properly acknowledge the service of Khan’s son.
Unstated by the media is Khans use of his sons death 12 years ago for personal political gain. Nor is it mentioned that Khan has done legal work for the Clinton Foundations in the past. His current legal practice is concerned with helping immigrants gain legal status.

When Khan was speaking I knew that this was a trap for Trump. Trump would not let such an unfair presentation go without a counter attack. He fulfilled my prediction and answered poorly.

I served in the United States Marine Corps and know about the honor we should give to our fallen warriors. Trump can count this as a costly learning experience. It is not as costly as the price paid by our fallen hero’s. Trump can and will learn.

Hillary is not interested in learning that the death of a young Army officer should not be used for self aggrandizement.

PS Reciting; Sura Ikhlas, SuraAl-Falaq and Sura Al-Nas from Qur’an three times is used by Muslims as personal protection against the Evil Eye. Someone should pass this info to Trump


  1. Trump referred to Captain Khan as a “Hero”, which he was.
    But according to his own religion, he would be considered an “Apostate” which is punishable by death under Islam.

    I like that Donal Trump speaks his mind, and I agree with a lot of his proposals (or rhetoric). I just wish he would dial it down a bit, and craft his thoughts before opening his mouth.

  2. Trump does need to dial down a bit. His thoughts are his own. they are not scripted for simply political gain, by some skilled wordsmith

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