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Kerry and Obama Over Matched and in Deep Water

Kerry & Obama– Over Matched and in Deep Water

Watching the performance of Kerry and Obama in their response to Vladimir Putin’s actions in the Ukraine is chilling.. Our diplomatic representation and policies are weak and can generously be described as simply amateurish.

These guys know nothing about negotiating—-nothing. They are threatening Putin with rhetoric and vacuous threats that are undeliverable. Whenever they make a statement they further expose their lack of knowledge about the historic relationship between Russia and the Ukraine.

Putin is a bad ,tough guy who holds Aces in his hand and knows that the other side is not sure how many cards are in the deck. Our media describes Obama and Kerry as talking tough to Putin threatening him with a yet to be assembled unified force of nations that are preparing to shower Russia with all sorts of economic punishment. This supposedly will happen if Putin interferes with Obama’s plan for democracy in the Ukraine.

I wonder about the feasibility of a solid EU coalition pursuing the Obama/Kerry threat of economic sanctions against Russia. This is a weak strategy since Russia supplies almost all the natural gas to Europe through two pipe lines running through the Ukraine
In the economic game Putin could trump an economic play by shutting off the gas to Europe.

Russia was ready to fight for control of the Crimean Peninsula in the 1850s. They lost to Britain,France, Sardinia, the Ottoman Empire and Austrian chirping on the sidelines. Crimea remains ethnically heavily Russian. Note that Russia took control last week without a shot being fired.

Obama has caved to Putin consistently. His open Mic gaffe with Putin was an indication of the negotiation weakness to come. He closed the missal defense system which was designed to protect Eastern Europe from Russia. He caved to Putin’s leadership on Syria. He has made nuclear concessions and has proudly announced through Secretary of Defense Hagel that our military will be further reduced to a pre World War ll level. Our navy is reduced to a dangerously weak stature and then, Obama picks up the phone to threaten the ex Colonel of the KGB.

I suspect that Guffaws resounded in the halls of the Kremlin after our President’s stern warnings

There is a saying that if you don’t know history you are doomed to repeat it. It looks like we are stumbling into a situation similar to that which led to the Crimean war in 1853

According to Shepard Clough, professor of history at Columbia University, the war:
“was not the result of a calculated plan, nor even of hasty last-minute decisions made under stress. It was the consequence of more than two years of fatal blundering in slow-motion by inept statesmen who had months to reflect upon the actions they took. It arose from Napoleon’s search for prestige; Nicholas’s quest for control over the Straits; his naïve miscalculation of the probable reactions of the European powers; the failure of those powers to make their positions clear; and the pressure of public opinion in Britain and Constantinople at crucial points.

The key similarity is the inept statesmen we have,that are supposedly representing our interests.
I wish the Ukraine well in the search for stability and the people are included in my prayers.

The Ukraine is however certainly not a critical element of our National interests.


  1. John, Harvard would probably prefer that Obama’s attendance there not be mentioned with his botched presidency hung on them.

    As to Kerry’s illustrious performance in the senate– when did that happen? I must have been napping and missed it.

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