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ISIS and Trump


ISIS has plenty of money to pursue terrorist acts against whomever they decide is an enemy.
They control a large number of oil fields and have customers ready to purchase their product. Syria is a major purchaser. Go figure.

Trump understands finance and proposes that we bomb the wells to cut off their oil funds
“The Donald” is hard to take with his bombastic pronouncements, but he obviously has a growing appeal since he understands some basic needed action and speaks plainly about what he thinks needs to be done in a new administration.

Bomb the oil wells
Secure our border (with a wall).
Do not give government benefits to people who are here illegally.
Forget amnesty proposals for those illegally entered individuals.
Rebuild our military to it’s once powerful size and strength.

These items would be a great starting agenda for a new administration and a Republican candidate that adopts Trump’s thinking on these issues will win the nomination and the election.

I wish that Trump was as classy as his projects. He has built many beautiful projects and obviously understands finance. His education included a degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, which is one of the top business schools in the country. He obviously did not include a course in either Humility or Compassion in his studies. I keep hoping that he is better than he sounds. He has surrounded his business with talented family members and associates. He needs to surround his public persona with educators in those areas where coaching is needed.

I remain nervous about Hillary. I can’t imagine who with a brain would vote for her.
We did elect Obama twice. I guess there are a lot of brainless voters..


  1. Frank gothie says:

    I can only hope that voters see through Hilary’s dishonesty,hypocrisy and conceit
    I wish the Republicans had a better nominee leader,but if it ‘s a matter of Hilary vs Trump, Go Donald!

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