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Eisenhower Deportation Action

Deportation By Eisenhower

In 1954 the United Staes was being invaded by millions of illegal aliens From Mexico. President Eisenhower sealed the border with 1075 members of the Border Patrol. He then initiated an aggressive roundup of illegals by federal agents. The illegals were put on buses and shipped deep into Mexico, Many were put on ships and taken to Vera Cruz and left here.

In short order about 3,000,000 illegal aliens were out of the country.

A modification of the Eisenhower program could be used today with allowances for peaceful family groups. We don’t have to send Grandma packing after living here for 20 years. Humanitarian alternatives to deportation would not include any opportunity for citizenship if entry was illegal.

For all the right reasons we do need to secure our Border. Right Now!

Ike did it with less people than are currently available. He didn’t need Trump’s Wall, although that would help if he really can get Mexico to pay for it


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    Good piece Buck.


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