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Buck Says Something Syrias

Bucksays hasn’t said much since the election. I came to the conclusion that the American Dream train left the station with the reelection of Obama. 52% of the voting public decided that a mindless leader was deserving of an extended opportunity to totally tank the nation.

I decided to hunker down and try to protect myself and enjoy time with friends and family. I felt that an important health move would be to avoid the news. A longtime friend suggested that this would be a most important single thing I could do to avoid a major health catastrophe. I’ve been taking his advice and concentrating on the two tomato, one squash and 5 pepper plants we planted in the spring. That has resulted in a normal blood pressure reading for months.

The Syria situation has intruded into my avoidance program and Obama is once again threatening my blood pressure.

His proposal to bomb Syria is simply stupid. The potential unintended consequences of such an action are so enormous that careful thought and congressional involvement are imperative requirements. Careful thought about our nations interests are never a prime mover for Obama’s decisions.

I am sure that the primary considerations in administration discussions are concerning political consequences for the Democratic Party. The potential involvement of Iran and attacks on Israel loom as retaliatory moves after a U.S. strike. The potential of blowing up the chemical weapons and killing thousands of innocents is a real possibility. As horrific as the alleged actions of Basher Assad seem to be, it is not clear, what is the immediate threat to our national interests?

Whatever action we take should not simply be an effort to cover the President’s stupid thoughtless declaration several weeks ago that “the use of chemical weapons in Syria would draw a red line in the sand, which would change his calculus.”

I’ll bet he never took a course in calculus.


  1. Frank Gothie says:

    I have yet to understand why this civil war in Syria is something the US has to be involved with.I know using chemical weapons on your own citizens, women and children is a barbaric horrendous act. But what do you expect from this leadership and his allies ?

    The Saudis are looking for an excuse to get rid of Assad, let them do it.

    good column Buck.

  2. Fran Blum says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The Obama statement was unfortunate. It is not at all clear what national interests of ours are being threatened. The ramifications of action are complex and enormous. Sitting this one out would be such a good move, at least until there’s reason not to.

    McCain, on the other hand, is such a pot stirrer. He’s egging on the administration to move forward with war to put a better face on Obama’s ill considered remark. That is not in the best national interest either.

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