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Not The Time For Election Revenge

Time for Revenge?

The Trump victory has stirred the pot of political emotions anew,

The fringe group who have lost their hope for expanded Federal benefits have joined with other shallow thinkers to break windows and stop traffic to show their displeasure with our Democratic process. Signs saying Trump is not my president are being proudly carried by rowdy protesters as they eagerly join the window breakers in an effort to subvert an orderly transfer of our nations governing philosophy.

Groups are being formed, funds raised and lawyers hired in preparation to foil Trumps attempt to fulfill the promises he made to the millions of citizens that attended his campaign rallies.

There seems to be a brainless aspect to the protests. Do these folks have any knowledge of how our Federal Republic is set up and has worked for the last 140 years. This question is easily answered. They do not understand and do not care to explore the issue. Burning, breaking and destroying is their strategy for replacing our the Federalist Papers with a hateful new approach to governing.

The fact that America rose to elect Trump over the favored candidate of Bruce, Beyonce and Bon Jove
has not given anarchists pause in their determination to stay the result of our election. Trump has recognized the need for a steady gentle hand in structuring his administration and is demonstrating careful strides forward. The obstacles Trump overcame to get elected is amazing. He has not yet wasted a single breath seeking vengeance on those party members that refused to support him.

Those turncoats however should not relax for a moment. I am sure that Trump knows “revenge is a meal best served cold”.

Khizr Khan and The Evil Eye

Khizr Khan and the Evil Eye

When Khan presented his vicious attack on Trump at the DNC. I couldn’t concentrate on his words. I was thinking that this was a guy who was hired by Hillary to put a curse of the Evil Eye on Trump and anyone who supports him. Look at Khan amd his background carefully and you may understand the low road Hillary is ready to travel for victory.

Khan waved a copy of the Constitution with the challenge to Trump that “he should read it for the first time.” Khan has written much in support of Sharia law. He has strongly said that Sharia law should override the US Constitution. He says that Sharia is the law of Allah and the Constitution is simply the work of men.

The media has made much of Trump’s failure to properly acknowledge the service of Khan’s son.
Unstated by the media is Khans use of his sons death 12 years ago for personal political gain. Nor is it mentioned that Khan has done legal work for the Clinton Foundations in the past. His current legal practice is concerned with helping immigrants gain legal status.

When Khan was speaking I knew that this was a trap for Trump. Trump would not let such an unfair presentation go without a counter attack. He fulfilled my prediction and answered poorly.

I served in the United States Marine Corps and know about the honor we should give to our fallen warriors. Trump can count this as a costly learning experience. It is not as costly as the price paid by our fallen hero’s. Trump can and will learn.

Hillary is not interested in learning that the death of a young Army officer should not be used for self aggrandizement.

PS Reciting; Sura Ikhlas, SuraAl-Falaq and Sura Al-Nas from Qur’an three times is used by Muslims as personal protection against the Evil Eye. Someone should pass this info to Trump

American– Our Hobsons Choice

The political activity taking place for the last year has left Buck Says somewhat speechless for months.

I have been listening and watching almost every step being taken as we move towards that Tuesday in November when we must chose a leader to lead us through the tumult of our current national situation,

My conclusion is that we clearly face a Hobson’s choice. You will recall that a Hobson is where you seem to have a choice but there is really no choice. Trump is the only option. Hillary simply CANNOT be President of the United States of America.

She offers no hope for solving economic, border or ISIS problems. She fails to recognize that law enforcement provides our protection from anarchy and mob rule. To castigate all police to gain some political advantage is not only stupid, it is evil.

Hillary as Secretary of State directed policies that has left the Middle-East in chaos. She also provided Iran with an open path to develop a nuclear capability and freed up the billions in funding to do the job.
We have had enough Clinton’s for this lifetime and a continuation of Obamas debt increases are sure to accompany Hillary.

Trump needs work, He is a bright guy with some tuning needed. He has obviously succeeded in business and has built impressive projects worldwide. He built those projects and never drove a nail or shingled a roof, He knew how to organize the talent needed to do the job. That is the talent that he will bring to the Presidency.

He needs to turn the ego volume down a bit, but stick to his commitments concerning immigration,national safety, Obama Care and NAFTA.

It is a Hobsons choice we have and Trump is the name on the lever we must pull.

Islam Declares War On United States –1801

1801 Islam Declared War on the United States

President Obama doesn’t understand or chooses to ignore the fact that the current Islamic attacks are not something new.

In 1786 Thomas Jefferson as our Ambassador to France met in London with the Islamic Ambassador from Tripoli. He was joined in the meeting with John Adams, our Ambassador to Britain.

The question asked to the Islamic representative was why our merchant ships were being attacked without provocation and our sailors imprisoned for ransom.

The Islamic representative answered that the Americans were infidels and the Islamic pirates therefor had the right to attack and plunder.

When Jefferson became President he stopped the payments of retribution to Morocco, Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli and the Pasha of Tripoli declared war on the United States.

Jefferson knew exactly what to do He sent a squadron of our Navy and led by Lt. Stephen Decatur and a company of Marines led by Lt. Presley O’Bannon.

O’Bannon led his small group of Marines to the first U.S victory on foreign soil. A treaty was signed that settled things for a while.

It is obvious that we are still looked upon as infidels and elements of Islam maintain their (right ) to attack and plunder.

Obama has it completely wrong. This is not a gun control issue. It is a continuation of a declaration of war on us made in 1801 by A segment of of Islam. We are at war and our President doesn’t get it. More than 200 years have past and once again it is proven that, if you don’t know history you are doomed to repeat it.

Ryan’s Learning Disability

Paul Ryan—Learning Disabled

Parents with a child having a learning disability often do not recognize the problem and spend futile efforts until the problem is professionally identified.

Paul Ryan made statements about Trump and the Republican Party that clearly indicate that he suffers from a severe form of learning disability. Ryan refuses to endorse Trump until he is convinced that Trump is prepared to unify the Party in a fashion that he has approved.

Ryan seems not to have noticed that Trump has unified the Party around a set of issues with his primary victories across the nation. The issues are the ones that the people are interested in being addressed not those that Ryan thinks are needed.

Ryan wants a party that reflects the “heritage of Lincoln, Reagan and Kemp.” Kemp was a good football player and later a useful member of Congress. He was a thoughtful conservative thinker but certainly not Reagan or Lincoln.

There is little doubt that Ryan has not learned anything from Trump about the public disgust with the actions of the elected Republicans in the House and Senate and specifically Ryan’s lack of effective leadership.

Tremendous progress has been made in recent years developing helpful techniques for those with learning disabilities. Ryan could use some help before he succeeds in getting Hillary elected

Eisenhower Deportation Action

Deportation By Eisenhower

In 1954 the United Staes was being invaded by millions of illegal aliens From Mexico. President Eisenhower sealed the border with 1075 members of the Border Patrol. He then initiated an aggressive roundup of illegals by federal agents. The illegals were put on buses and shipped deep into Mexico, Many were put on ships and taken to Vera Cruz and left here.

In short order about 3,000,000 illegal aliens were out of the country.

A modification of the Eisenhower program could be used today with allowances for peaceful family groups. We don’t have to send Grandma packing after living here for 20 years. Humanitarian alternatives to deportation would not include any opportunity for citizenship if entry was illegal.

For all the right reasons we do need to secure our Border. Right Now!

Ike did it with less people than are currently available. He didn’t need Trump’s Wall, although that would help if he really can get Mexico to pay for it

Guest Post Trump, Trump, Trump.

Steve Prinkey is a thoughtful guy who has asked for use of the Buck Says forum for more than simply “comment” space. These are Steve’s thoughts and words. Your comments are welcome.
“The fact that Donald Trump is leading the polls is a phenomenon that career politicians, main stream media, and even political historians can not wrap their heads around.

In the past few months, main stream media outlets such as CNN, CNBC, MSNBC etc… have reported
Donald Trump’s unequivocal poll numbers with a snicker and a roll of the eyes.  At times they even tried to use the poll numbers as fodder to inject a joke that you might hear on a “Late Night” talk show program.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to find a political cartoon, no less a legitimate news story that portrays Donald Trump as a viable candidate for the POTUS.
He is portrayed by the media (Left and Right) as a Boob, Loudmouth, Demagogue, Clown, and Rogue.

In some fashion, I think all of these terms do apply…
But the polls show, the PEOPLE love him.

But, do people really love him, or are they tired of the “same old same old”?

I think this is what is happening…

People don’t trust corporate media and they don’t trust politicians.
It is standard protocol for career politicians to pander to the corporate media to gain popularity. Trump
spits in the face of  corporate media and political correctness on a daily basis, and he is admired by
the “tired/scared/disenfranchised” masses for doing it. This is perceived as “REAL CHANGE”.

He is whipping the masses into a frenzy. He makes the masses feel empowered against “The Powers
That Be”.

People think, “No longer will we be lead like sheep by corrupt politicians and corporate media!”.
America Will be Great Again with Trump as President!

If corporate media wasn’t so  “corporate” and career politicians weren’t so “correct” and “pandering”
America could be great again, without a “Boob” as president.

Until that happens…Hail the chief TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!”

Thank You
Steve Prinkey

ISIS and Trump


ISIS has plenty of money to pursue terrorist acts against whomever they decide is an enemy.
They control a large number of oil fields and have customers ready to purchase their product. Syria is a major purchaser. Go figure.

Trump understands finance and proposes that we bomb the wells to cut off their oil funds
“The Donald” is hard to take with his bombastic pronouncements, but he obviously has a growing appeal since he understands some basic needed action and speaks plainly about what he thinks needs to be done in a new administration.

Bomb the oil wells
Secure our border (with a wall).
Do not give government benefits to people who are here illegally.
Forget amnesty proposals for those illegally entered individuals.
Rebuild our military to it’s once powerful size and strength.

These items would be a great starting agenda for a new administration and a Republican candidate that adopts Trump’s thinking on these issues will win the nomination and the election.

I wish that Trump was as classy as his projects. He has built many beautiful projects and obviously understands finance. His education included a degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, which is one of the top business schools in the country. He obviously did not include a course in either Humility or Compassion in his studies. I keep hoping that he is better than he sounds. He has surrounded his business with talented family members and associates. He needs to surround his public persona with educators in those areas where coaching is needed.

I remain nervous about Hillary. I can’t imagine who with a brain would vote for her.
We did elect Obama twice. I guess there are a lot of brainless voters..

Obama and Me

Obama and Me

When Obama first appeared as a candidate 7 years ago I looked at his candidacy with an initial, hopeful, positive interest. That feeling was short lived. I quickly realized that his management experience level was not sufficient to qualify him for a management position with my company. He certainly was not prepared to become President of the United States. My initial opposition was strictly on the lack of sufficient experience.

He has, however, proven to be experienced enough to restructure the country into his personal skewed vision of America as a society that will be directed by a Federal government that is closer to a Marx philosophy than that as envisioned in the Federalist Papers

I have struggled to remain positive in the belief that the next election will provide a leadership change that will move us back towards the Founders vision of a Federal Republic. The positive hopes have been dimmed by the absolute failure of Congress to provide opposition to the dramatic, destructive actions of Obama and his Administration.

We have a President that will say anything and promise anything that will support his determination to change our nation into a structure of big government controlling all aspects of our life.

The greatest nation in the history of the world is being coldly and systematically restructured into the vision of a leader who was brought up in a ‘hate America” atmosphere

The latest move under the guise of diminishing the nuclear threat from Iran is the most dangerous boneheaded move by Obama. This treaty was inexpertly negotiated by our representatives and is being promoted with omissions of truthful descriptions concerning critical aspects. (surprise-surprise)

A few instances—–
Suspected Iranian deviations can only be investigated with Iranian approval after a 24 day waiting period.
Inspections cannot be made by US inspectors . They will be made by an international organization.
The treaty does not provide a total prohibition of nuclear activity and related ballistic missile development. At best the treaty only delays development of nuclear weapons.
There was no related assurances that Iran would cease support of terrorist activity
There was no requirement that the Americans held captive on specious charges would be released.
No requirement that death to America and Israel would be removed from the Iranian list of “things we need to do”.

Obama has indicated that he is open and eager for Congressional questions and subsequent conversations. He further indicated that any legislation that deviates from his plan would be vetoed. This seems to be less than an open door for ideas.

Obama is celebrating the Iran deal by releasing prisoners. Couldn’t he simply have popped the cork on a bottle of bubbly and relaxed for a day from his maniacal quest to destroy America.

Obama’s Quislings

Roberts / Chief Quisling ?

I wrote recently that Obama had engineered a Coup d’etat while I was dozing and expecting our country to be saved by the rule of law and the giant victory of Republicans in the last elections..

Currently the government and Constitution are no longer at the core of what was once America, We are now a modern form of a Banana Republic, Our leader ignores, history, the Constitution and the will of the governed as he remakes our country into a structure that he plans for our future with or without popular support.

When Hitler trampled through Europe the Nazis were easily identified as the enemy. Hitler often enlisted local political supporters in countries he conquered. He rewarded those politicians with important positions in his occupation to help structure Nazi policies.

In Norway Vikun Quisling was a prominent political figure in the 1930’s and 40’s. He worked closely with Hitler to implement Nazi policies to support their occupation with a Colaboratist government .

He was named Minister-President of Norway by the Nazi’s. As a result of his actions, quisling is now recognized as a synonym for collaborator

It seems that the Republican Leadership and Chief Justice Roberts have become Obama quislings as he restructures America.

Make no mistake, Obama is not a Hitler but he certainly is on a path to force America into a structure that he envisions. Obama is a keen political student. Like Hitler he has strengthened his path with the help of a few quislings along the way.

When I get upset with our President I remind myself that we are Democracy and we did elect him twice. This indicates that our problem is more basic than Obama