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American– Our Hobsons Choice

The political activity taking place for the last year has left Buck Says somewhat speechless for months.

I have been listening and watching almost every step being taken as we move towards that Tuesday in November when we must chose a leader to lead us through the tumult of our current national situation,

My conclusion is that we clearly face a Hobson’s choice. You will recall that a Hobson is where you seem to have a choice but there is really no choice. Trump is the only option. Hillary simply CANNOT be President of the United States of America.

She offers no hope for solving economic, border or ISIS problems. She fails to recognize that law enforcement provides our protection from anarchy and mob rule. To castigate all police to gain some political advantage is not only stupid, it is evil.

Hillary as Secretary of State directed policies that has left the Middle-East in chaos. She also provided Iran with an open path to develop a nuclear capability and freed up the billions in funding to do the job.
We have had enough Clinton’s for this lifetime and a continuation of Obamas debt increases are sure to accompany Hillary.

Trump needs work, He is a bright guy with some tuning needed. He has obviously succeeded in business and has built impressive projects worldwide. He built those projects and never drove a nail or shingled a roof, He knew how to organize the talent needed to do the job. That is the talent that he will bring to the Presidency.

He needs to turn the ego volume down a bit, but stick to his commitments concerning immigration,national safety, Obama Care and NAFTA.

It is a Hobsons choice we have and Trump is the name on the lever we must pull.


  1. Robert Belshoff says:

    I am feel I’m probably the only man in Boulder CO that contributed financially and worked for President Elect Trump.

    I was happy to see other middle class working people voice their mind. The people have spoken. Come together. America

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