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Obama’s Quislings

Roberts / Chief Quisling ?

I wrote recently that Obama had engineered a Coup d’etat while I was dozing and expecting our country to be saved by the rule of law and the giant victory of Republicans in the last elections..

Currently the government and Constitution are no longer at the core of what was once America, We are now a modern form of a Banana Republic, Our leader ignores, history, the Constitution and the will of the governed as he remakes our country into a structure that he plans for our future with or without popular support.

When Hitler trampled through Europe the Nazis were easily identified as the enemy. Hitler often enlisted local political supporters in countries he conquered. He rewarded those politicians with important positions in his occupation to help structure Nazi policies.

In Norway Vikun Quisling was a prominent political figure in the 1930’s and 40’s. He worked closely with Hitler to implement Nazi policies to support their occupation with a Colaboratist government .

He was named Minister-President of Norway by the Nazi’s. As a result of his actions, quisling is now recognized as a synonym for collaborator

It seems that the Republican Leadership and Chief Justice Roberts have become Obama quislings as he restructures America.

Make no mistake, Obama is not a Hitler but he certainly is on a path to force America into a structure that he envisions. Obama is a keen political student. Like Hitler he has strengthened his path with the help of a few quislings along the way.

When I get upset with our President I remind myself that we are Democracy and we did elect him twice. This indicates that our problem is more basic than Obama

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