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Quarantine Required

Quarantine Required

When I was a kid growing up in Philadelphia, measles epidemics were a problem. Recent improvements in vaccinations and treatment for measles have lessened the danger and epidemic levels are not what they once were, when I was young.

I remember being confined to a dark room and bedridden as part of the treatment. I do not remember the medication but I do remember the public requirement for quarantine that was required. While infected I was confined to my room and our house was quarantined with an official notice pasted on our front door. The terms of quarantine were outlined and in force until I was medically deemed to be no longer infectious.

I do not recall my father seeking financial or other awards due to our family’s civil rights being abrogated as a result of the government mandate of quarantine “with penalties” if the quarantine was not maintained.

The nurse from Maine with her outrage and promise of a lawsuit for being detained in New Jersey for two days on her return from West Africa requires additional education and treatment of her attitude. She is up in Maine with no notice pasted on her door and not subject to any regulation of activity. Her condition may not be Ebola but Obama’s comments and those of the CDC concerning the whole issue of quarantine are crazy,

The answer to this is simple. The United States Government should take an over abundance of effort to protect it’s citizens. Bless the medical volunteers and give them each a medal of merit as they enter a 21 day period of quarantine. The quarantine should be outlined as to permitted activity and regular reporting as to temperature and other symptoms consistent with an Ebola infection.

Every American should think, before next Tuesday about the administration’s handling of the Ebola situation, after reviewing Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, our open borders, debt without limit, a feckless foreign policy and an endless list of other Administration examples of ineptitude.

The first step of recovery is clear get rid of Harry Reid as the majority leader of the Senate and get ready to tune up his successor to a recovered sense of responsibility to the Public Weal. We as concerned citizens, have a lot of work to do but every journey requires a first step.
Getting rid of Harry would be a good initial stride toward National recovery

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