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Not The Time For Election Revenge

Time for Revenge?

The Trump victory has stirred the pot of political emotions anew,

The fringe group who have lost their hope for expanded Federal benefits have joined with other shallow thinkers to break windows and stop traffic to show their displeasure with our Democratic process. Signs saying Trump is not my president are being proudly carried by rowdy protesters as they eagerly join the window breakers in an effort to subvert an orderly transfer of our nations governing philosophy.

Groups are being formed, funds raised and lawyers hired in preparation to foil Trumps attempt to fulfill the promises he made to the millions of citizens that attended his campaign rallies.

There seems to be a brainless aspect to the protests. Do these folks have any knowledge of how our Federal Republic is set up and has worked for the last 140 years. This question is easily answered. They do not understand and do not care to explore the issue. Burning, breaking and destroying is their strategy for replacing our the Federalist Papers with a hateful new approach to governing.

The fact that America rose to elect Trump over the favored candidate of Bruce, Beyonce and Bon Jove
has not given anarchists pause in their determination to stay the result of our election. Trump has recognized the need for a steady gentle hand in structuring his administration and is demonstrating careful strides forward. The obstacles Trump overcame to get elected is amazing. He has not yet wasted a single breath seeking vengeance on those party members that refused to support him.

Those turncoats however should not relax for a moment. I am sure that Trump knows “revenge is a meal best served cold”.

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