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Guest Post Trump, Trump, Trump.

Steve Prinkey is a thoughtful guy who has asked for use of the Buck Says forum for more than simply “comment” space. These are Steve’s thoughts and words. Your comments are welcome.
“The fact that Donald Trump is leading the polls is a phenomenon that career politicians, main stream media, and even political historians can not wrap their heads around.

In the past few months, main stream media outlets such as CNN, CNBC, MSNBC etc… have reported
Donald Trump’s unequivocal poll numbers with a snicker and a roll of the eyes.  At times they even tried to use the poll numbers as fodder to inject a joke that you might hear on a “Late Night” talk show program.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to find a political cartoon, no less a legitimate news story that portrays Donald Trump as a viable candidate for the POTUS.
He is portrayed by the media (Left and Right) as a Boob, Loudmouth, Demagogue, Clown, and Rogue.

In some fashion, I think all of these terms do apply…
But the polls show, the PEOPLE love him.

But, do people really love him, or are they tired of the “same old same old”?

I think this is what is happening…

People don’t trust corporate media and they don’t trust politicians.
It is standard protocol for career politicians to pander to the corporate media to gain popularity. Trump
spits in the face of  corporate media and political correctness on a daily basis, and he is admired by
the “tired/scared/disenfranchised” masses for doing it. This is perceived as “REAL CHANGE”.

He is whipping the masses into a frenzy. He makes the masses feel empowered against “The Powers
That Be”.

People think, “No longer will we be lead like sheep by corrupt politicians and corporate media!”.
America Will be Great Again with Trump as President!

If corporate media wasn’t so  “corporate” and career politicians weren’t so “correct” and “pandering”
America could be great again, without a “Boob” as president.

Until that happens…Hail the chief TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!”

Thank You
Steve Prinkey

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