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Josh Ernest–Opposite George– in Seinfeld

Josh Ernest Press Briefing Follows Seinfeld’s “Opposite George Script”

I heard ,on a talk show, Josh Earnest described as “Opposite George” in his description of our Yemen situation at his recent press conferences,

To refresh my memory I researched the 1994 Seinfeld show where George did everything the opposite of normally expected behavior and actions. I then carefully reviewed the transcripts of the press conferences on March 22 and 25 where Ernest recounted the success of the administrations Middle East policies including Yemen.

The briefings described the Presidents policies in a fashion that depicted a fantasy that had no resemblance with the truth. It made no acknowledgment of the hurried removal of our security forces from Yemen being a negative indicator of the true loss of our influence in that country.

One reporter described Ernest’s description as “astonishing” Astonishing could be coupled with duplicitous and “Big Lie” presentation, to more fully give the briefing the true flavor of what took place.

I believed after the last Presidential election that we would suck it up, get through it and recover our Nation and put the pieces back together after Obama was gone. I sold the Obama crew short. I looks like Obama has accomplished a Coup d’etat while I was napping’

He has decided to sever our historic support of Israel while negotiating a nuclear agreement with Iran, a nation whose leadership has called for “Death to America” in the middle of the negotiations. They also have promised death to Israel. The Death to America” speech was when Kerry should have packed up and severed negotiations and recommended to Obama to warm up the B-2 bomber fleet.

Obama has revealed previously secure descriptions of Israel’s nuclear capabilities while redacting nuclear information on France, Italy and others that was part of this document held as top secret information since 1987.

Obama tried to throw Benjamin Netanyahu under the bus in the recent Israel elections. He ignored him completely on his pre-election visit to the US except to cast him as the biggest barrier to peace in the Middle-East.

Bibi received historic levels of support in the election. Most people forget that Netanyahu grew up in Philadelphia and obviously took some Philly toughness back to Israel.

The Republican leaders could learn something about strength of conviction and love of country from Netanyahu.. There is no doubt that Rudy Giuliani had it right when he said that Obama doesn’t really love America.

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